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Why Bingo?

Bingo is a winning formula for any affiliate marketer looking for EPC value and long term revenues.

There are (4) key reasons this is a billion dollar niche worth your attention:

  1. Bingo is a universal game, easy to understand and considered a socially acceptable game of chance so conversions/acquisitions are very high = MORE CASH TO OUR AFFILIATES!

  2. Bingo is pure ‘entertainment’ – featuring 24/7 chat rooms, community, prizes, promotions, bonuses, great game experiences means players spend hours and hours on our site = MORE CASH TO OUR AFFILIATES!

  3. Bingo is the ultimate web 2.0 experience – live chat, forums, team play all drives players to build lifelong friendships, allows for off site meet ups and many couples meet and marry because of playing online bingo. Long term player connections keeps players returning and spending in some cases indefinitely = MORE CASH TO OUR AFFILIATES!

  4. Bingo is considered a casual / fun game so players are not out to get rich and therefore cash withdrawals are typically very low = MORE CASH TO OUR AFFILIATES!

Whether you like, love or hate online bingo…our players can’t get enough of the games, community and the award winning entertainment we serve 24/7.

For our serious bingo marketing partners this is a license to print money every hour of every day!

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