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No Negative Carryover, 50% Rev Share for the first two months, Join Now!

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Join today and start earning the most Competitive Performance Scale in the Industry.

Lifetime commission revenue means every time your customer spends = YOU EARN!!!

We want every one of our partners to earn instant cash as well as long term revenue value from our network, so we set goals and rewards to be achievable and profitable from day one!

Net Sales Based
Revenue Share
Revenue Level
Net Sales of $0–$10,000 30% Commission
Net Sales of $10,001–$20,000 35% Commission
Net Sales of $20,001 + 40% Commission

Net Revenue Formula: Gross Sales – less – cash outs - less - player charge backs and processing fee

Example Calculation:

Gross Sales WD Net Sales Admin Fee 10%  50% Commission less Chargebacks
$100.00 $20.00 $80.00 $8.00 $36.00

(Charge backs are rare and unpredictable but on average 1.5% is typical in a given month and not always associated with your player traffic)

No Negative Carry Over

Unlike other affiliate programs, we don’t carry over a negative balance, this means that your profit share will not be affected since negative balances are not carried over to the following month; you start every month with a clean slate especially if you have winners that process large withdrawals greater than your current month’s earnings; another great reason to join our affiliate program.

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Join us TODAY and post our links within the next 24 hours and we’ll pay you 50% for the first 60 days to try our network solution. This is a top tier commission rate to anyone who is serious about joining us and getting started fast! (This is a limited time offer and affiliates must post links in 24 hours of joining our site)

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